Brazilian Challenge Day 80: Mandioca Frita

So today, for Day 80 of my challenge, I decided to take on another Brazilian culinary adventure. One that involved the mandioca root.

While the process is something I watched our old housekeeper do, and seemed pretty simple, I still elected to do some research. So I followed the instructions of Bewitching Kitchen.

Part one is to slice up mandioca root. Full disclosure, I did not buy the root with its skin on, but instead purchased a skinned package at the grocery store. Beware, the root is rather tough, so you’ve got to press hard on the knife. Hard enough to lop off a finger if one got in the way, which I did not do, but take caution.

Part two is boiling the root. This is easily done by filling a pan with salted water and dropping in the mandioca. But as mentioned by Bewitching Kitchen, the trick is that each piece is ready at a different time. Unfortunately, much of my bottom mandioca got a bit over cooked.

mandioca mush

I think it might have been because I piled in too many mandioca pieces. Oh well. There were still plenty to fry up.

Hard to tell when this stage is done as well. I just waited until the pieces were golden (and delicious with lots of salt).


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6 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 80: Mandioca Frita

  1. I love this stuff! Boiled, fried, boiled & fried! It’s delicious!

    I’ve only bought it at the feira, fresh, or picked it. you have to be careful how you peel it or it ends up really bitter. But, we always do it in chunks. I can imagine doing it in strips would be really, really hard.

    DId I mention I love mandioca? (so do my chickens AND my dogs)

  2. Alex says:

    Oh yeah, love the stuff.

  3. sallybr says:

    What a great surprise to see the link to my blog, and a wonderful post here from a “born again Brazilian” (love the name you picked for your blog, as you say, not religion, just Brazilian 🙂

    very cool!

    I wish you the best adjusting to “my former country” – I am now a naturalized American, but of course, once Brazilian, always Brazilian 😉

    Will be following your posts!

  4. Hey, was that a finger I spotted in the boiling pan pic?

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