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Day 119: Pano de Chao

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Today we bought pano de chao, or rags to wash the floor, from a guy in a parking lot. I actually have some of these in my apartment, I just had no idea where they came from. I’m guessing the … Continue reading

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Day 118: Fish Market

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We are in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca. Today we went to the fish market. The fresh fish market. I mean how much more fresh can you get? The result was a delicious monk fish moqueca!  Yum!

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Day 117: The Sympathizer

Yes, I was mad at my four-year-old daughter. Yes, four is miraculously easier than 3 or 2 or 1. But we are embarking upon a real rebel for independent thinking stage. She was crying because she wanted to rinse her … Continue reading

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Day 116: Close Encounters

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So last night we went to a Japanese-type restaurant (not one I would recommend) and we took on the suggestion of a few and challenged ourselves to sit next to each other on the same side of the table. In … Continue reading

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Day 115: Pornographic Angel

“I am a child who sees love through a keyhole. That’s all I’ve ever been. I was born a child, and am bound to die a child, and the keyhole is my lens as a writer. I am, and have … Continue reading

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Another Delicious Find: Brasero Amatxu

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Hidden gem is probably the best way to describe this Spanish restaurant located in Jardins (SP). I must have walked by it 100 times on J. Maria Lisboa, but to be honest, never noticed or recognized that it held the … Continue reading

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Day 114: Caquilicious!

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Yesterday, day 114 of my challenge to become more Brazilian, I enjoyed one of the finer things in Brazilian life… caqui! One of our purchases from the organic market, the caqui looks kind of like a tomato (my daughter is … Continue reading

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