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Sloth Surprise

Today we went to the Botanical Gardens in Rio. It’s a beautiful place to visit, full of interesting plant life and history. It’s especially great for kids and contains a playground in the gardens. Walking along, I spotted a stone … Continue reading

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Paper Napkins

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One factor of Brazilian culture I’ve always found puzzling is the napkin-dispenser paper napkin phenomenon. If you go to a café or a bar or a pizzaeria, you won’t recognize what you pull out of the dispenser. The napkins are … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. I, Vol. 1

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I’ve arrived at the two-year mark from where my story was set in motion. So I thought I might embark upon the journey of documenting the road, which began in, and eventually led to, Brazil. Continue reading

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Preparing for the beach

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If you are squeamish, or if you are a friend of mine that plans to ever share a meal with me in the future (or if you are my mother), stop reading now. I suggest you flip over to the next post. Or perhaps see what’s happening on Facebook. For the following is a hard-core account of preparing for the beach in the Brazil, and some of it, ironically, is not pretty. Continue reading

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Yesterday a friend and I ordered delivery for lunch from a local Italian restaurant. Halfway through my Penne Primavera, I realized that the “cheese” I thought had accompanied it, and I had spread across my noodles, was actually mayonnaise.  Bizarre … Continue reading

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To Drive or NOT To Drive

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…Like watching a herd of buffalo charging across a prairie, you can’t imagine that the beasts will avoid crashing into each other amidst the chaos of the stampede. But somehow instincts kick in and it all works out… Continue reading

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…So, to get rid of him, I did my best Invasion of the Body Snatchers alien impersonation. I made an extremely loud, high-pitched, inhuman noise and pointed at him with my mouth open… Continue reading

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