The Magic of Missing Mailboxes

10806473_10204029179069774_1151434979081241885_n My brother, who lives in Los Angeles, recently went on a rant about the excessiveness of direct mail. I’m not sure what timeline the above photo he posted represents, but even if it’s a week’s worth, it is annoyingly much. However, we don’t have that problem in Brazil. At least, those of us who are apartment dwellers in São Paulo do not. I believe the main reason for this could be a simple matter – we don’t have mailboxes. This fact confused and disturbed me when we first moved to São Paulo. I couldn’t figure out how any mail could get to us. Then, I soon realized that it is all delivered to the porteiro (a doorman who sits in a box at the gate of your building) and he either passes it to you when you enter the gate, or, depending on your building’s operating process, the maintenance man goes and slides it under your door. I’ve seen it both ways. So what would happen if marketing departments all decided to send out the quantity of paper that appears above? They would have the porteiros to deal with. My guess is that would mean it would get thrown out or these gentleman would quit their jobs. Yes, we do get the occasional pizza delivery flyer. I’m certain that this involves a little greasing of the palms to get by – and I’m not talking olive oil. So what might be the solution for Americans to by-pass all this paper? Hide your mailbox. I mean, how much desirable mail do you really get these days. 10 points to Brazil for quality of life with less junk mail.

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8 Responses to The Magic of Missing Mailboxes

  1. sccirihal says:

    Haha…you know, there’s a Seinfeld episode about this…. 🙂

  2. jrevpul says:

    I remember being amazed with how little to no advertisements we received in our boxes when we moved to Rio, too. It’s a great relief to not have to sort through junk mail anymore!

  3. Saulo says:

    How about the highways not being littered with billboards ? Even just outside of the enormity of São Paulo you hardly see a billboard sign for some mc joint or strip mall. I love it .

    • Yes, that is a good point. There are few, although there were more in use during the World Cup. Now, many of the ones that are up are blank. Also, I mentioned this in a previous post, there a many, many less television commercials. There is probably one television commercial during a Brazilian broadcast for every six during a US one. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Saulo says:

    Another thing that I noticed is the difference in the commercials …. You hardly ever see a commercial for some medicine there.

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