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Taxi Tactics

I got really tired of wondering if I was being driven around aimlessly in taxis in order to jack up the fare. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against taxi drivers. However, in every population, you have good eggs … Continue reading

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Who do Voodoo?

Nearly three quarters of the Brazilian population attests to faith of the Catholic nature, thanks to the eager missions of the 16th century. But there are still some that practice the Afro-Brazilian religions, native Brazilian religions influenced by the slaves brought to the country from Africa. Continue reading

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Information Invasion

There is obviously no legislation about what you can ask people in Brazil. No holds back. Go for it all. Here is what I was asked when I was trying to buy tickets to the aquarium. My name Brazilian version … Continue reading

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U. F. Oh-no!

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I happen to come across the following blog: This particular entry mentions a fact about Brazil that I definitely did not know. Brazil is the undisputed leader in UFO sightings. What?!! I have very few deep-rooted fears. However, one … Continue reading

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Working it Out

With my work visa allegedly around the corner, I promised my husband I would look for at least a part-time job (something about me not being able to verbally communicate with other adult humans anymore). However, all I really want … Continue reading

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Lullaby Lunacy

My daughter has a couple Brazilian lullaby and children’s songs CDs that we listen to. So as a Portuguese exercise, I thought I’d translate some of the lyrics so we’d understand what we were singing along with, and maybe pick … Continue reading

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Snow White and the Condominium

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Perhaps a favorite local ceramics artist specialized in these fable characters – and conducted a huge fire sale when he or she went out of business? Maybe this particular spot in the world has some affiliation with the story, a long-time resident related to the Brothers Grimm (it could happen)? Continue reading

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