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Small World

I was born in Chicago, IL. When I was a kid, my father moved us to Small Town, IL. Today, Small Town is a roaring, characterless suburb of Chicago. But back then, it wasn’t even consider a suburb. One movie … Continue reading

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Kinder Ethics

There is a lot I love about Brazil. But I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the kind of influence living here is going to have on my (currently 3-year-old) daughter. Every morning as I am getting her ready for pre-school, we … Continue reading

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5 Things Americans Might Find Disturbing in Brazil

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People touching you I’m not talking about the kissing. You’ll get accustomed to that move within the first 48 hours. I’m talking about the “surprise-side-hug” or the “shoulder-clutch” or the “arm-grab.” In my previous world, touching others in a business … Continue reading

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Another Snow White Story

Another Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sighting (see Snow White and the Condominium), this time in the garden of a restaurant in Itatiaia, some 133 km from the original sightings. Evidence of alien presence in Brazil? (see U.F.Oh-no!) Could … Continue reading

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Feeding the Monkeys

Once of the best things about staying at Opa’s (Grandpa) house in Barra da Tijuca, Rio is feeding the monkeys bananas in the (early) morning. Happy Easter to those that celebrate!

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Sentimental Sunday

For no particular reason, other than I adore her, I’m posting the song that my brother wrote for our daughter when she was born.

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5 Things I Want to Do in Sao Paulo but Don’t

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Drink cachaça in the morning with the old men at the botequim. Buy cake from the kid on the street corner. Ride the bus. Figure out a way into this abandoned mansion on Paulista Avenue. Take my daughter to the … Continue reading

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