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I took the subway!

Very exciting. Yesterday I took the subway (with my Brazilian sister-in-law as a guide). I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was very orderly and quite familiar – I often took the subway in New York City (as well … Continue reading

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More Creepiness

  I kid you not. Not only did one of my daughter’s creepy Brazilian baby dolls (one that talks – creepy) just say her name, followed by “mae mae,” but our phone rang and the doll said “Ola.” If I … Continue reading

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First Portrait of Daddy

He actually does have arms and a torso, but the first (crappy Brazilian-made) marker ran out.

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Update: The Expat Shopping List

A couple weeks ago I put together some advice for the soon-to-be-expat coming to Brazil. The advice was in the form of a list of items that will be in my suitcase on the trip back to Brazil from the … Continue reading

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A Trip to Remember in RJ and MG

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If you have a couple weeks to kill and want to get a real feel for the diversity of this southeast region in Brazil, I highly recommend the Rio – Tiradentes – Ouro Preto – Petropolis – Penedo route. Continue reading

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Beer Experience

My husband and I attended Beer Experience 2011 on Saturday at a convention center/mall in Sao Paulo. The tickets were a bit pricey, R$40 per person, but the restaurant that sold it to us said there were tastings, etc. and … Continue reading

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Story Time Trauma

Today we took our daughter to the local bookstore for story time. A team of (I can only guess) aspiring actresses executed a highly interactive telling of… Macbeth. Yes, the tragedy that William Shakespeare wrote. Of all the children’s stories … Continue reading

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