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The Mother-in-Law and the Maid

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Our maid is really nice. (I only refer to her as a “maid” because that’s the word my husband uses. My Chicago sisters make great fun of me for this, especially since they happened to catch a photo of her … Continue reading

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Highway Service

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On the way back from Rio we almost ran out of gas. We were on the highway and our tank was low (i.e. on reserve) so at the tollbooth we asked the attendant how far the nearest station was. She … Continue reading

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The Grandparent Connection

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My daughter and I are in Rio staying with my mother-in-law. This morning, my mother-in-law asked if she might offer breakfast to my daughter and rattled off a few healthy options. “Certainly,” I responded. A few minutes later, I turned … Continue reading

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Over Served

I’ve posted a couple comments on a fellow blogger’s post entitled The Nanny Culture and I know that a healthy debate exists on this topic. Sure, it’s awesome to have someone at your beck and call to help you with … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festival I Miss You Already

The New York City event I’m going to miss the most this year is the Tribeca Film Festival. If you are a movie lover and live in, or are visiting New York between April 20 and May 1, I highly … Continue reading

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Is Blogging the New Therapy?

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Had it not been for my blog, I would have been far less motivated to find humor in my new surroundings and its corresponding challenges. And I’ve found, at least for me, it’s often better to laugh than scream. (Although an occasional scream also has its benefits.) Continue reading

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Household Deception

So either Adriana “the Brazilian” has never been to Brazil and/or met a Brazilian woman, or there is something going on. And since her arsenal of sad stories has yet to include growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where she might have missed this type of upbringing, I’m not buying that she’s a Brazilian (especially considering the Columbian accent). Continue reading

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Cão Anti-Social

This made me laugh. It’s difficult to muster up fear for a dog that doesn’t like to go to cocktail parties.

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The Point of Housing

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One aluminum tee pee is strange, but a whole production line of them? I counted about twenty along our stroll, and we certainly hadn’t covered the length of the river. Continue reading

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A Vida Muito Boa, The Brazilian Perspective

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In response to A Vida Boa. By Ray of American Heart, Brazilian Soul The answer is yes. Those that serve the households can get a piece of the good life. Just not necessarily when they are working for you. According … Continue reading

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To DRIVE, The Brazilian Perspective

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In response to To Drive or NOT to Drive Instinct is a good way to describe what is required to drive in Brazil. But that instinct actually rests on a strong foundation. From an outsider’s perspective, it may look to … Continue reading

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Rio or Bus…t

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Always looking for the next adventure, it was my idea to take the bus from Sao Paulo to Rio. After all, I had spent part of my honeymoon riding in the back of a truck through the mountains of Peru. … Continue reading

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