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Update: Mean Girls

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So I caught up with the mother of the birthday girl today at our yoga class (see Mean Girls). Again she apologized for the way the girls (not her girls, they are super sweet – two of the guests) treated … Continue reading

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Update: Doce de Abóbora is Delicious

Well, Andrew Francis and Eri were right. A good batch of doce de abóbora is quite delicious. On Day 132, I must of just had a nasty batch of this pumpkin/squash dessert. Because the Hotel Fazenda we stayed at this weekend … Continue reading

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Update: Panetonne Panic

First, one more designer Panetonne on shelves during the holidays… Panetonne shelves today: Obviously, someone over estimated the holiday Panetonne demand this year…

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Update: bank vs. banco

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Ok, not to beat a dead horse (translation for Brazilians: the attempt to continue a conversation or seek a resolution that is futile), but today I had to make two deposits at two different banks. Fellow bloggers had previously given … Continue reading

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Update: The Expat Shopping List

A couple weeks ago I put together some advice for the soon-to-be-expat coming to Brazil. The advice was in the form of a list of items that will be in my suitcase on the trip back to Brazil from the … Continue reading

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Update: Maidless

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  (Update to original post: Maidless) A few days after our maid quit, only a couple days after we’d paid her out her vacation, future X-mas bonus, etc, she called to ask for her job back. Now, if this were … Continue reading

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Update: Word!

(see original post Word!) This photo is from a shop on my street. It’s not a store that sells unmentionables, nor cooking utensils. It is a clothing store. Some Brazilian marketing person feels that displaying this phrase in the window, … Continue reading

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Update: Payments Predicament

(See original post Payments Predicament. This update also includes some Brazilian Perspectives – double whammy!) Ok, I was definitely mistaken about the consumer banking system here in Brazil. I was accurate about the terrible customer service in the branches – no … Continue reading

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Update: The Playdate

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(Click here for original post The Play Date.) I’m headed over the wall. We had back-to-back days of play dates this week. The first was an American style play date. It involved me and two other mothers. One American woman who … Continue reading

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Another Snow White Story

Another Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sighting (see Snow White and the Condominium), this time in the garden of a restaurant in Itatiaia, some 133 km from the original sightings. Evidence of alien presence in Brazil? (see U.F.Oh-no!) Could … Continue reading

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Double Indulgence

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Walking home this afternoon, I realized that six doors down from my building is a place that sells shoes and chocolate. Shoes and chocolate. So of course, I went in. Was this some kind of genius innovation in consumer marketing? … Continue reading

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Household Deception

So either Adriana “the Brazilian” has never been to Brazil and/or met a Brazilian woman, or there is something going on. And since her arsenal of sad stories has yet to include growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where she might have missed this type of upbringing, I’m not buying that she’s a Brazilian (especially considering the Columbian accent). Continue reading

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Update: Promotions

So Galeria Melissa, a shoe designer,  has teamed up with Post It (yes, Post It notes by 3M). Makes sense, right? No, it totally doesn’t.  Perhaps Western companies are too narrow-minded in their co-branding strategies. Breyer’s and Hershey’s, Coach and … Continue reading

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Update: What it Means to be Brazilian – the Only Child

Apparently, it’s totally acceptable to tell someone (me) with only one child that they’d better have another, or they (me) will “ruin it’s life.” They actually use those (English) words. I’ve had mothers at my daughter’s school say it to me. I’ve had total strangers at the airport say it to me. Continue reading

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Update: Language of Love

My Portuguese is not coming along as quickly as I want (need) it to. Last week I told our maid Lu that I wanted to pleasure her cousin. I won’t make an excuse for this lewd behavior, but I will … Continue reading

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Update: Communication Discord

Yesterday, I went to get a much needed facial (between the change in climate, and the pollution, I was in bad shape). As is customary, once I was set up, the facialist turned on some “relaxing” music. Only… it was … Continue reading

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