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Update: Payments Predicament

(See original post Payments Predicament. This update also includes some Brazilian Perspectives – double whammy!) Ok, I was definitely mistaken about the consumer banking system here in Brazil. I was accurate about the terrible customer service in the branches – no … Continue reading

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Payments Predicament

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There is so much in Brazil that is advanced. For example, the cinema experience (see Segregation Cinema). And I saw a parking security guard rolling around the complex on a Segway the other day.  Yet there is so much that is still … Continue reading

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City of Dead

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Considering Sao Paulo is a relatively young city (1771), the some of the graveyards of the city are surprisingly large and incredibly elaborate. A morbid fascination, I admit, but Brazilians, like many Old World European cultures, place great value and … Continue reading

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Sunday Feira

Feiras are open street markets and take place every day in some part of the city. The days of the week in Portuguese are actually named after the feiras (e.g. Monday in Portuguese is segunda-feira, which means the second market … Continue reading

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Some words and phrases are universal. I believe that these globally recognized and used words represent the culture and customs of the country of their origin. Of course, France owns “buffet” and “hors d’oeuvres” and “café.” And no one’s been able … Continue reading

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Whole Funny

One thing I believe is unique to America is that we love to make fun of ourselves. (The Brits do too.) I will admit, in the U.S., I was a Whole Foodie, and I miss them terribly. This video captures … Continue reading

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Phone Age

My three-year-old daughter has an iPhone. Sure, it’s a first generation, hand-me-down model. And she’s just going to use it to watch her favorite episodes of “Backyardigans” and “Shaun the Sheep” when I need her to be distracted. But I … Continue reading

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