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First Portrait of Daddy

He actually does have arms and a torso, but the first (crappy Brazilian-made) marker ran out.

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Sentimental Sunday

For no particular reason, other than I adore her, I’m posting the song that my brother wrote for our daughter when she was born.

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The Grandparent Connection

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My daughter and I are in Rio staying with my mother-in-law. This morning, my mother-in-law asked if she might offer breakfast to my daughter and rattled off a few healthy options. “Certainly,” I responded. A few minutes later, I turned … Continue reading

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Over Served

I’ve posted a couple comments on a fellow blogger’s post entitled The Nanny Culture and I know that a healthy debate exists on this topic. Sure, it’s awesome to have someone at your beck and call to help you with … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. 2 Vol. 1

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When I was pregnant, I had a certain idea about how my maternity leave would be. As the due date approached, my ideas got more and more fantastical. I imagined rocking my November baby to sleep while gazing out the … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. 1, Vol. 3

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But perhaps this story began before my Buzios awakening. Years before. My husband and I were a confirmed childless couple. It’s a topic that every couple should agree upon before they get married, and we could check that off of … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. I, Vol. 2

When your country’s economy is crashing down around you, excuse me, the world’s economy is crashing down around you, and millions are losing their jobs, it seems a strange time to quit your own job. (Insane, really.) Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. I, Vol. 1

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I’ve arrived at the two-year mark from where my story was set in motion. So I thought I might embark upon the journey of documenting the road, which began in, and eventually led to, Brazil. Continue reading

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