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Update: Promotions

So Galeria Melissa, a shoe designer,  has teamed up with Post It (yes, Post It notes by 3M). Makes sense, right? No, it totally doesn’t.  Perhaps Western companies are too narrow-minded in their co-branding strategies. Breyer’s and Hershey’s, Coach and … Continue reading

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Hospital Heaven

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law needs an operation. The good news is she’s having it in Sao Paulo. I accompanied her to the hospital for the initial visit with the first doctor who was to make a recommendation for treatment. While we … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. 2 Vol. 1

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When I was pregnant, I had a certain idea about how my maternity leave would be. As the due date approached, my ideas got more and more fantastical. I imagined rocking my November baby to sleep while gazing out the … Continue reading

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Ignorance (really) is bliss.

Here’s some advice. Do not attempt to express your opinion on economic and/or political topics in an international crowd when you don’t speak the language very well. Especially if you are an American. The students in my Portuguese class include … Continue reading

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Going the Distance

As I plotted the path to my Portuguese class this morning (yes, it is really happening) on Google Maps, my suspicions regarding the absurdity of Sao Paulo’s street system was confirmed. Of course, when you live in a city with … Continue reading

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Things I Miss

Things I Miss Whole Foods I admit it. I was an organic junkie, and there was no better way to get my fix than a stroll through the aisles of Whole Foods. Sure, it was nicknamed Whole Paycheck. But unlike … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Ch. 1, Vol. 3

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But perhaps this story began before my Buzios awakening. Years before. My husband and I were a confirmed childless couple. It’s a topic that every couple should agree upon before they get married, and we could check that off of … Continue reading

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Gelato Gilemma

It’s bad enough that 50% of my body mass is now made up of butter, I’m verging on alcoholism via vino therapy and both of these facts have made me way too tired to get out and exercise. But now … Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Sao Paulo

Now that I’ve caught the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part II by the aforementioned methods, I thought I’d make a plea for a Real Housewives of Sao Paulo. Bravo television, creators of a more creative line of reality shows, should step it up a notch with an international version of their franchise, and I’m willing to assist. Continue reading

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