Who’s to Blame for the World Cup Chaos

AP: Demonstrators carrying placards protesting against the forthcoming World Cup attacked a bus carrying the Brazilian national football team today.

AP: Demonstrators carrying placards protesting against the forthcoming World Cup attacked a bus carrying the Brazilian national football team today.

Don’t blame the players, past or present, who spent their lives dedicated to their dream, at the expense of everything, including education, for the chance to support their country and prove themselves on the field.

Don’t blame the people of Brazil, who have finally found their voice and are taking advantage of the spotlight to be heard.

Don’t blame the foreigners coming for the games, many of whom have saved their hard-earned wages for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to support their teams on the home turf of world champions.

Blame Dilma. Blame Lula. Blame those who allow some states in Brazil to still be run like dictatorships. Blame the politicians who line their own pockets at the expense of the country’s health care and education system. Blame the contractors who didn’t deliver in the hopes of holding the country hostage in the final hours.

Focus on who is really to blame and make them pay in another way. But don’t take the World Cup away from the people of Brazil or the people coming to celebrate them. (Brazilians – that means you too.)

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4 Responses to Who’s to Blame for the World Cup Chaos

  1. Fred Wilds says:

    Grabbing folks by the economic throat is the only way short of chaos and violence in the streets which no one wants. The majority of Brazilians I have spoken to are will to make that sacrifice. Apartheid would have never been abolished if the world didn’t say not to do business with the Kruger I love Brazil as a country and as a business looked forward to selling packages to the games but with what FIFA and the government is doing puts a bad taste In my mouth. To say do something later does not stop FIFA from making billions of dollars and moving on without doing a thing for Brazil.

    • The problem is that it is a sunk cost. FIFA is going to make its money now no matter what. To take this away from the people of Brazil is a deplorable shame. But it is the government who is at fault, it went into the relationship with FIFA knowing full well what was at stake. Maybe for the next Cup, countries will take caution and make better deals or won’t bend over backwards for the right to host the games. Brazilians can continue to speak loudly through art and social media – but don’t go after the players or the tourists coming to participate.

  2. Jenner Cruz says:

    Hi BAB. I respectfully disagree. Don’t blame Dilma or Lula. Each people has the government it deserves. Moreover, PT assumed office just 12 years ago. If you want to play this blame game, I think the opposition, who had been in power for 5 centuries, is far more to blame than PT. PSDB and US$50/month maids never more.

  3. Very clever and transparent…I agree with almost everything you said, but something was to be done before they start that madness budget that will make us poorer of body and soul! This is truly bread and circus! Well, the people who defends PT uses to say: Was it different with the other parties? And I use to say: No, but that’s why I vote PT, to CHANGE! I don’t see that…unfortunately…but worst: a greed and will to power never been seen before!

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