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The Magic of Missing Mailboxes

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My brother, who lives in Los Angeles, recently went on a rant about the excessiveness of direct mail. I’m not sure what timeline the above photo he posted represents, but even if it’s a week’s worth, it is annoyingly much. … Continue reading

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Brazilian Challenge Day 153: Cabular

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Teaching my graduate Marketing Strategy class (see Day 81: I Got A Job!) has been fabulous, at least for me. I’m hoping it the others in the room are actually learning something. The students are all great people, however, there … Continue reading

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For the Love of God, I Just Want Some Heat!

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So, if one didn’t know, one might think that Brazil is an all-around tropical kind of country. I mean, it’s south of the equator and everything. This is a fallacy. Sao Paulo is quite chilly in the winter months, which … Continue reading

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Double Indulgence

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Walking home this afternoon, I realized that six doors down from my building is a place that sells shoes and chocolate. Shoes and chocolate. So of course, I went in. Was this some kind of genius innovation in consumer marketing? … Continue reading

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U. F. Oh-no!

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I happen to come across the following blog: http://www.sawse.com/2008/02/05/brazil-for-the-brazil-nuts/ This particular entry mentions a fact about Brazil that I definitely did not know. Brazil is the undisputed leader in UFO sightings. What?!! I have very few deep-rooted fears. However, one … Continue reading

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Bread is huge in Brazil. This is quite unfortunate for me, as I have been attempting to avoid bread since it came out in The Zone that is was the source of all unhappiness in the world. The favorite is … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Stranger In A Strange Land

Just to keep this blog from swinging too far to the cynical side, because the truth is I love being here in Brazil (’cause it’s constantly providing me material), I’ve decided to post the reasons why it ROCKS to be a foreigner (specifically an American foreigner). Continue reading

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