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Vigilante Killings & Sub-par Education Vs. School Shootings

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There has been a disturbing trend on the rise in Brazil as of late. Vigilante vengeance. I understand why this might be happening. The police are unproductive, underpaid and often unqualified for their jobs. So people start to get that the … Continue reading

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How to Stay Safe and Sound During the World Cup

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As promised, today I am posting on how to stay safe if you are coming to Brazil, and Sao Paulo in particular, for the World Cup. My partner in “crime,” Brazil in My Eyes, posted last week on the topic. If … Continue reading

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So, they found a sack of body parts in my hood

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One of the things I took comfort in about living in Brazil is that the country didn’t seem to have the kind of twisted, sick criminals that randomly appear in nice, quite neighborhoods in the US. At least none that … Continue reading

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What’s Holding Brazil Back?

It seems like an ideal equation. An abundance of natural resources, multiple emerging middle classes, democracy in one of its purest forms (on paper), people who can dance… So what is the problem? Why can’t Brazil forge ahead? Here is … Continue reading

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Perua Escolar Perigo

In Brazil, there are these mini buses that take kids to school and back home. (Update: as reader João Deiró pointed out in the comments, these buses are actually run by private companies. But is it too much to ask … Continue reading

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Safe in São Paulo: Stats & Tatts

As a grand finale to our Safe in São Paulo series, Born Again Brazilian and I are bringing you some of the statistics of crime in São Paulo, as well as Brazil overall, and giving you some tools to find out about crime in your own neighborhood. And just for fun, we’ll show you some of the tattoos that may help identify someone with a criminal background. Continue reading

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Safe in São Paulo: School Security

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The next installment of the Safe in São Paulo collaboration between Born Again Brazilian and Brazil in My Eyes focuses on school safety. Continue reading

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The Protesting and Why Brazil Might Finally Have a Shot at World Leadership

Yesterday I wrote about crime in São Paulo. A mention of the protests that are happening here quickly shifted the discussion. This morning I came across the following important video on Facebook. I’ll be the first to admit ignorance when … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons Why I Plan to Not be Anywhere Near the World Cup

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The Huffington Post decided to publish an article entitled “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan to Be at the 2014 World Cup.” I love Brazil. I love soccer. However, these two loves, the construction or reconstruction of stadiums under … Continue reading

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Brazilian Police

A friend recently posted the following article about the dangers of being a poor, Brazilian police officer: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/02/opinion/sunday/in-brazil-poverty-is-deadly-for-police-officers.html The status of a police officer is very different in Brazil than it is in the U.S. In the States, police officers … Continue reading

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Bling Nation, The Brazilian Perspective

In response to Brazilian Bling by Marisa Clermann, Jewelry Designer

It’s true. Brazilian women are very fashion and trend conscious. They like everything big – big earrings, big rings, big handbags. The bigger the better. Continue reading

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Brazilian Bling

So I walked the streets dressed like a graduate student with a straw purse and what appeared to be an illegitimate child. But soon I began to notice the other women that walked the same streets. Big jewels, big purses, big heels covered in glitzy hardware… Women covered in bling! Continue reading

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…So, to get rid of him, I did my best Invasion of the Body Snatchers alien impersonation. I made an extremely loud, high-pitched, inhuman noise and pointed at him with my mouth open… Continue reading

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