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Orlando in January – Little Brazil

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We recently spent a week in Orlando. We went during that time period where the US kids are in school and the Brazil kids are still on holiday. The result being – 80% of the tourist population in Orlando was … Continue reading

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To Drive or NOT To Drive

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…Like watching a herd of buffalo charging across a prairie, you can’t imagine that the beasts will avoid crashing into each other amidst the chaos of the stampede. But somehow instincts kick in and it all works out… Continue reading

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Update: What it Means to be Brazilian – the Only Child

Apparently, it’s totally acceptable to tell someone (me) with only one child that they’d better have another, or they (me) will “ruin it’s life.” They actually use those (English) words. I’ve had mothers at my daughter’s school say it to me. I’ve had total strangers at the airport say it to me. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Stranger In A Strange Land

Just to keep this blog from swinging too far to the cynical side, because the truth is I love being here in Brazil (’cause it’s constantly providing me material), I’ve decided to post the reasons why it ROCKS to be a foreigner (specifically an American foreigner). Continue reading

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Show Time

…I erupted in helpless giggles over the idea that this was what an American tourist might be wearing in London. I had never seen anything like it. But similar to my Gossip Girl wardrobe experience, I received a cold look and realized I was once more questioning the talents of a wardrobe stylist… Continue reading

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Communication Discord

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…A few minutes after the stylist put the color on, it began to burn my head. In an English speaking country, or if I happen to speak Portuguese, I could simply say “Excuse me. My scalp is burning. Could you please take this off my head.” Instead, I released a soft shriek and began digging through my purse for my Portuguese dictionary. I was panicked and could not even recall the Spanish words for what I was experiencing… Continue reading

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Culinary Retreat

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…Suspecting this was some kind of cosmic payback for spending way too much of our income on New York restaurants and Whole Foods, I tried to make the best of the situation. I covered the chunks of hotdogs in Parmesan cheese from a bag, and poured some Diet Coke into the wine (a trick taught to me by a good friend in graduate school when our regressive situation meant that we were drinking only the discount wines)… Continue reading

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