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What Can Carnaval Tell Us About Brazilian Business Skills?

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In Brazil, each Escola de Samba, or Samba school, works all year long to develop their portion of the Carnaval parade. The people who put together these elaborate affairs are not the wealthy of Brazil. In fact, some of the … Continue reading

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What’s Holding Brazil Back?

It seems like an ideal equation. An abundance of natural resources, multiple emerging middle classes, democracy in one of its purest forms (on paper), people who can dance… So what is the problem? Why can’t Brazil forge ahead? Here is … Continue reading

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Working it Out

With my work visa allegedly around the corner, I promised my husband I would look for at least a part-time job (something about me not being able to verbally communicate with other adult humans anymore). However, all I really want … Continue reading

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Lullaby Lunacy

My daughter has a couple Brazilian lullaby and children’s songs CDs that we listen to. So as a Portuguese exercise, I thought I’d translate some of the lyrics so we’d understand what we were singing along with, and maybe pick … Continue reading

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Bread is huge in Brazil. This is quite unfortunate for me, as I have been attempting to avoid bread since it came out in The Zone that is was the source of all unhappiness in the world. The favorite is … Continue reading

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Update: What it Means to be Brazilian – the Only Child

Apparently, it’s totally acceptable to tell someone (me) with only one child that they’d better have another, or they (me) will “ruin it’s life.” They actually use those (English) words. I’ve had mothers at my daughter’s school say it to me. I’ve had total strangers at the airport say it to me. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Stranger In A Strange Land

Just to keep this blog from swinging too far to the cynical side, because the truth is I love being here in Brazil (’cause it’s constantly providing me material), I’ve decided to post the reasons why it ROCKS to be a foreigner (specifically an American foreigner). Continue reading

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