The Avocado: Dip or Dessert


A few months after moving to São Paulo, we had lunch at a friend’s house. When dessert time came around and my daughter received a bowl of green goop, I believe this was the moment she initially decided Brazil wasn’t for her. Horrified, she nearly shrieked, “Green isn’t for dessert!”

Oh, but it is in Brazil. Creme de Abacate is a well known sweet dish made basically with avocado, sugar and lemon or lime to keep it from getting brown. Sometimes it’s made with a little condensed milk as well. But before those of you in the U.S. go running off to throw these items in your blender, know one thing. The Brazilian avocado is different than the Mexican Haas.

Shockingly (and disappointingly if you love Mexican cuisine) the Brazilian avocado doesn’t make such a great bowl of guacamole. Both the texture and flavor are at odds with what many of us are used to in a dip. But it does make a darn good dessert if done right. The Mexican avocado, not so much… at least in my opinion.

How do you love your avocado?

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24 Responses to The Avocado: Dip or Dessert

  1. Erin Halm says:

    Not a fan of the sweet avocado options. They make a sort of sweet milk shake from them here too (or at least my husband does). I much prefer a spicy guacamole.

  2. Ray says:

    Born Again Brazilian,

    You are totally correct, the good news is that you can find the “Brazilian” avocados in the US now, they are marketed as the “Light” avocado, because it contains less fat. And I also, you can find the Hass type Avocados around Brazil as well, or should I say São Paulo?
    I truly enjoy both, in any form! An avid avocado fan here!! 😉


  3. Andrew Francis says:

    Did you explain to your daughter that “green isn’t for dessert” also means no mint choc chip ice cream, no Key lime pie, no lime flavored jello, no kiwis, no (white) grapes, … 🙂

  4. willc88 says:

    Oh no! What good is an avocado if it’s not for guacamole?! 😦

  5. Annabelle says:

    I am with your daughter on that one!

  6. Marcela says:

    Yeah, you can find green avocados in several supermarkets around the Seattle area. I guess you can find anything anywhere these days, just have to look for it.
    But, hey, you call yourself “born again Brazilian”, so… happy avocado smoothie to you!

    • I have actually tried and like the dessert version. However, it is like when I ate a bad Brazilian pumpkin candy – it can be really, really good but if you get a bad version, it ruins it for you. Last time I tried the creme it wasn’t so good. But I did try!

  7. Katie says:

    True story: Haas avocados are from California. 🙂
    And being a Californian… I LOVE THEM and am so happy that I can find them any day of the week at my many local pao de acucars.
    I finally broke down and tried the dessert this year. It was not bad, but I didn’t have more than one spoonful. It was a psychological thing. Kind of like trying chicken hearts for the first time.

  8. Samia says:

    I eat it both ways, and I love it! I confess I was a little grossed out when I first got to the US and there was avocado in a salad, then in a sandwich, then just plain as a dip. I went through a long state of denial, would not touch it in any of its salty forms, just couldn’t accept it. lol Now that I’ve tried it again, and again, and again.. it *is* really good. 🙂 I love me some creamy avocado in a salad, or a tomato/avocado sandwich, but you wanna know a secret? I always save some for desert. I eat Haas with honey for desert. Love it. Don’t care if it’s not the right “Brazilian” kind for a sweet treat. It tastes fine to me. I love avocado smoothie too, used to drink tons of it as a kid, now I just don’t think it’s worth the calories anymore. 😛

  9. Samia says:

    And I meant *dessert*

    Blah! 😛

  10. Errol Young says:

    Avocado shakes exist in the Pacific and they are quite good. You will find them in Vietnamese restaurants in the NY/NJ area too… sometimes they add chocolate to it.

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