Safe in São Paulo – Live!


For those who enjoyed our series on staying safe in São Paulo, and reside in the city, Brazil in My Eyes and I will be taking our show on the road!

This Thursday evening, we will deliver dicas on crime-avoidance, as well as instructions how to react if you get in trouble, live (as we like to keep it) and on stage! You will also have the opportunity to share your stories and participate in a Q&A with local security experts. The event is free for International Newcomers Club members and R$10 for non-members. (FYI – the fee is not something that Brazil in My Eyes and I will be collecting on… only to ward off those who might want to take a “free shot” at us. HA.) A coffee service is included and for those who might be hungry, you can order food and drink before the event.

For more information and to reserve your spot, contact

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One Response to Safe in São Paulo – Live!

  1. Mike says:

    The series is definitely very informative and helpful for any expat that is considering relocation. I know of a few other people that have considered making the plunge and heading to Brazil. This sort of thing gives a more realistic perspective on the decision. Now I just need to learn the language! Thanks 😀

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