How to Do a Burrito in São Paulo


When we were kids, my sister and I used our allowance to buy giant chocolate Easter bunnies… from a health food store in the mall. At least that’s what we thought we bought. They  looked like chocolate Easter bunnies. They smelled like chocolate Easter bunnies. But halfway through chowing down on these seemingly delicious creatures, we realized they didn’t taste like chocolate Easter bunnies… because they were made of carob, not chocolate.

That’s how I feel about the food at Mexican restaurants in São Paulo. It looks like Mexican food. It smells like Mexican food. But once you dig in… you quickly realize something is amiss.

So imagine my delight when friends introduced me to a place that actually sells Mexican food. At least, what is Mexican food to me. Burritos even.

I’ll absolutely admit that real Mexican food only really happens in Mexico. Even the best Mexican food in the U.S. has a hint of adaptation for its audience or is hindered by limited access to truly authentic ingredients. But I’m from Chicago, home of “Burritos as Big as Your Head,” where you can’t swing a Cubs fan without hitting a good Mexican place. So to thus far live with options that are only a distant cousin to the actual cuisine has been rather sad. But now that I’ve discovered Los Burritos, I have a place to go to get some Mexican comfort.

While I’ve never lived in Texas, the south-of-the-border food is very common in the U.S. I did live in California for a few years and most of the Mexican food there has a unique spin. As I savored my burrito this afternoon, memories of my CA days came flooding back. This makes sense as the owner, Bruno, lived in California. In fact, the name of the burrito I was eating is in fact the California Burrito.

Los Burritos isn’t a fancy place. In fact, it is more of a fast food joint, located in a galleria in Consolação. But Bruno serves real guacamole, actual corn chips and a burrito, while not the size of your head, big enough to fill you for a long afternoon. The menu also includes other Mexican classics like tacos, quesadillas, etc. But the California burrito was really what I had been dreaming about… He doesn’t deliver yet, but let’s keep hoping.

Los Burritos

Rua Maria Antonia, 140 loja 13, 01222-010 São Paulo, Brazil

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11 Responses to How to Do a Burrito in São Paulo

  1. Danielle says:

    I WANT IT! I think I’ll need to come visit you so you can take me there. 🙂 My treat!

  2. Erin Halm says:

    I´m so glad you all like this place. This is exactly what I wanted to happen. Publicity! Now he´ll get more business and we´ll all be able to have our burrito fix whenever we want!

  3. Dennis says:

    The key words here were “I never lived in Texas”. We have better Mexican food than Mexico does! I have been all over Cali and I don`t get why they got left out. Here in Texas, we have a huge Mexican population and HEALTH CODES! 😉

    • Well, then I’ve got to spend more time in Texas! Any specific recommendations???!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        Having lived in Texas and California, I have to agree. Texas got it right. California Mxican food is so-so.

        • Dennis says:

          Well, I have to tell you that specifically in Dallas there are so many Central and South American restaurants that it is imposible to recomend one or two. there is so much competition that 95% of them are good and 40%-50% of those are excellent. There are Salvadorian, Hondura, Mexican and Tex-Mex here,,,,, on every corner! 😉 I have traveled to these countries and can tell you with confidence.
          Brazil is getting new restaurants as well. The last time that I was in Salvador Bahia, there was a very good Mexican restaurant. It was so good that I called the owner over and ask him what part of the states that he was from! He told me he was from San Diego. 😉

  4. Ray says:

    It is really exciting to hear of authentic Mexican food in Sao Paulo when we have looked authentic Mexican food in New England for years, with no success.
    I have to say Mexican Food from Houston, Texas, specifically from HOUSTON, is the B.E.S.T I have ever tried anywhere in the US, and I was guided there by fellow Brazilian bloggers from Texas.(my opinion)
    Thank you so much for sharing this, I think I know where we should meet next time we visit 😉


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