Why “exbrats” in São Paulo need their own book to appreciate life in Brazil’s largest city

My favorite expat blog interviewed me on my book American Exbrat! Check it out! Would love to hear your comments. (I can anticipate some… )

The Displaced Nation

MeganFarrell CollageThis week’s guest interviewee is Megan Farrell, who like myself is an estrangeiro (foreigner) in São Paulo and married to a Brazilianalthough unlike my good British self, Megan is American and also has a young daughter (sounds like far too much responsibility if you ask me!).

Megan and her family previously lived in New York, but she took a sabbatical from her job on Wall Street in 2009 to become a full-time mum. Then, when her husband was offered a job opportunity here in São Paulo in 2010, they decided it would be a perfect opportunity for Megan and their daughter to learn Portuguese, experience life in a different culture, and learn more about Dad’s home country.

I first came to know of Megan when I moved to São Paulo myself at the start of 2012 and found her blog Born Again Brazilian whilst doing some research…

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About bornagainbrazilian

Having relocated from New York City to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I'm an expat attempting to broaden my horizons and adjust some of my American ways to be "born again" a Brazilian.
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4 Responses to Why “exbrats” in São Paulo need their own book to appreciate life in Brazil’s largest city

  1. Ray says:

    I am reading your book M, and I am finding it amazingly interesting and very helpful, even more for a Brazilian who has been away from Sao Paulo for 16 years and is just now returning home.


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