If You Are Coming to São Paulo… you’ll need a bit of info

When I was doing a semester of grad school in Barcelona, my friend and I would jump on a train last minute on any given evening and wake up in yet another glorious European country ready to be explored (ok, we did this far too often, which is why my Spanish could be better). We’d stroll over to the nearest souvenir shop, flip through postcards and head toward whatever those rectangular, cardboard greetings were suggesting. Sometimes it worked out well, sometimes it didn’t.

These days, we all have quick and easy access to information we need to travel to a foreign place or to engage in an extended stay. While there is plenty to see and do in South America’s largest city, the sheer size of the metropolis might stun a visitor, or a new resident, who is unfamiliar with the scene. Winding, one-way roads, steep hills, and vastly different neighborhoods also mean that you will need to have a plan in place to get the most out of your stay. But fear not.

If you are coming to SP for a visit, check out CNN’s Insider Guide to São Paulo:


If you are coming for awhile, or are curious about life in São Paulo… best to have this in hand:

American Exbrat in São Paulo: Advice, Stories, Tips and Tricks for Surviving South America’s Largest City

Happy planning!


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2 Responses to If You Are Coming to São Paulo… you’ll need a bit of info

  1. Ray says:

    This really is a great guide to some of the best places in Sao Paulo.

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