Five Uses for the Stadiums After the Games

Now that Brazil has achieved a victory over Spain, there is definitely no canceling the World Cup in this country. But the problem remains… how to maximize use and revenues of the very expensive stadiums once the World Cup (and Olympics in Rio) events have ended?

Here are five ideas on how to use the stadiums after the games:

1. Dog Shows

The United States may be #1 in dog loving, but Brazil is a growing contender. According to The Atlantic, Brazil has more small dogs per capita than any other country. Overall, with a 35.7 million and growing pup population, Brazil has more dogs than Canada has people.

According to the American Kennel Club, not only will participating dog owners pay a fee to enter the show, but the local community collects revenues in a number of categories such as lodging, restaurants, veterinary services, entertainment, dog supplies and gasoline. Plus, there is advertising income from a televised event.

2. Bring Back the Gladiator Games

A futebol stadium makes for an ideal arena. I’m thinking something like Drug Lords vs. Politicians. You know that those battles are already taking place – might as well sell tickets.

3. Toddler Beauty Pageants

Considering the strong social pressure norms still in existence for little girls to be super girly, Brazil is a prime place to develop mini beauty pageant contestants. Revenues come from entry fees and travel spending. Expenses limited to hiring judges (relatives of politicians are the most probable candidates – might open up some government jobs for more qualified applicants) plus crappy crown and trophies

4. Motorcross for Motoboys

Can you imagine? Not only would these skilled Brazilian bikers excel at the “off-road” aspect (especially if off-road = sidewalks), but let’s throw together concrete staircases with some moving obstacle courses that involve large trucks, buses, old-lady drivers and maybe a couple of pedestrians. Global dominance.

5. Duty/Tax Free Shopping Events

What would a Brazilian pay to have access to some major brands completely free of duties and taxes? New York has been implementing a tax-free weekend since 1997. Sure, the government won’t collect the taxes (on purchases that wouldn’t have been made within the borders anyway), but charge a fee to participating global merchandisers, a fee for entry and a cut of the profits… could prove to be quite lucrative and a win-win for both the government and the wealthy Brazilians who spend their money on flights to Miami for shopping trips.


What are your ideas for stadium uses after the games?

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10 Responses to Five Uses for the Stadiums After the Games

  1. The Rider says:

    I love Number 2 the most! I think we could use that one in South Africa with all our empty stadiums after 2010 World Cup. It is only now that we learn how much money the politicians made in the process with bribes and corruption… There must be hungry lions somewhere.. but then, even a lion has his pride… 🙂

  2. Samia says:

    Number 5 would work like a charm in Brazil. Can’t think of anything better.

  3. Annabelle says:

    I had noticed #3…. little girls were always made to look super pretty (not my definition of pretty) with nailsp ainted, etc. I thought it was just the ones I met.

  4. harmamae says:

    The only time I went to a dog show was when I was in Brazil. I kept asking what kind of breed of dog they were showing, and they kept answering “German dog”… but they definitely weren’t German shepherds, so I still don’t know what kind of dog it was.
    Good post though – what will they do with all these a stadiums after the games?

  5. Great post, indeed! Please, keep more articles coming!
    Evodio Kaltenecker

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