The Road to Bahia: Vitória


Second stop on our road trip to Bahia was the city of Vitória in Espírito Santo.

We arrived in the evening and the military police were stationed everywhere. I was actually too nervous to take a picture after learning more about the horrors of the military dictatorship from commenters on my last post about Dilma.

We stayed at a pousada in Vila Velha right on the water. I won’t mention the name because it is not one I would necessarily recommend, but Emily enjoyed sniffing around.

DSC02306 DSC02305

Vitória is the state’s capital and a big port city. It is very urban and seemed to be oddly deserted.  It is also home to the Convento Nossa Senhora da Penha.


Every year it is the destination of a pilgrimage and people come from all over Brazil to participate.

DSC02336 DSC02335

The views from the top of Vitória are quite spectacular.


In town, we had a moqueca specific to this region, different from the one we will be consuming in Bahia.


The Capixaba moqueca does not use the typical dende oil and it is served with pirao, a thick fish and mandioc flour stew.


Was delicious.

After we visited a moqueca pot factory.


The rudimentary process was intriguing.




The pots are hand dyed with material from the local trees.


A show room houses vendor each with their own version of the pot.


Vitoria is great for a one day adventure if you happen to be passing through the state of ES.

Next, a very brief stop in São Mateus.

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6 Responses to The Road to Bahia: Vitória

  1. The Rider says:

    Awesome post! Thanks!

  2. Fred Wilds says:

    Hi there. I am glad to see you are headed for Bahia. It is one of my favorite areas in Brazil. The people, the food, and the culture are things I always like bringing groups to see. Enjoy your time.

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