Protest Messages and Why You Should Help

In anticipation of the protests starting right about now, I wanted to round up some of the videos out there that explain what is happening.

As well as some damn funny videos from some damn funny Brazilians (how can you not want to help a country with this kind of sense of humor… )

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10 Responses to Protest Messages and Why You Should Help

  1. Fred Wilds says:

    Reblogged this on Doing It The Brazil Way and commented:
    Recently I have been getting little snippets of news from contacts and friends of mine in Brazil about protest that are going on around the World Cup and the Olympics being in Brazil and the cost. Some very important facts are brought up that are not being covered with the international news. Take a look at this film and I would love to get feedback on what you think.

    • I’ve been shocked to find out that no one in the U.S. I know had any idea of all the various events happening here. Did the world’s interest in Brazil turn so quickly?

      • Fred Wilds says:

        I think what you have to remember is that Brazil, in most folks minds, is about beaches and fun. I guarantee you most people if they have truly never been to Brazil don’t know about some of financial hardships that go on there. Also you have to remember news is filtered from location to locaton in the world until enough people find out and start asking questions.

        • Which is what’s happening now! Hooray! Yes, the world views Brazil as Samba, Carnaval, beaches and now the World Cup & Olympics. What could be wrong? Slowly… they are finding out.

  2. Reblogged this on, great collection thx. 🙂

  3. anna says:

    on a positive side
    this guy is a great actress
    phone company

    food restaurant chain

  4. anna says:

    actor* lol

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