5 Items for Foreigners from the Feira for Feriado

As an extension of Tuesday’s post 10 Great Gifts to Bring from Brazil, here are five fun items you can buy at your local feira to bring to family and friends:

1. Make Your Own Bolo de Mandioca


At our neighborhood feira, the folks who make the tapioca pancakes also sell this bag of mandioca flour complete with a recipe for the cake. Of course, you might have to translate for those back home.

2. Cocada


More durable than brigadeiro or pão de mel, this sweet coconut treat will survive the trip.

3. Pano de Prato 

In addition to the previously mentioned puxa sacos:


You can purchase pano de prato in a variety of colors or kitch characters:



While this kitchen dishcloth is not particularly absorbent, it makes a good cultural gift.

4. Azeite de Dendê


Dendê oil is a staple in the cuisine from the Bahia region of Brazil where the food is heavily influenced by the African culture. If you bring along the previously mentioned moqueca pot, you’ll want to include a bottle of this flavoring. It is also essential in making the popular Bahian sandwich acarajé.


5. Avental


Yes, technically this apron is for housekeepers in Brazil. But it would make a nice paint smock or cooking apron.

Happy shopping!

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One Response to 5 Items for Foreigners from the Feira for Feriado

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m sorry but I hate number 2!

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