Top 5 Reasons Why I Plan to Not be Anywhere Near the World Cup


The Huffington Post decided to publish an article entitled “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan to Be at the 2014 World Cup.”

I love Brazil. I love soccer. However, these two loves, the construction or reconstruction of stadiums under pressure, and 600,000 fans may not mix as well as some like to think.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I plan to avoid the World Cup activities:

1. Jeitinho

I like to define jeitinho as the Brazilian ability to get around, over, in or out of something despite a law, a regulation, a contract, physics or gravity. The World Cup regulations and operations will not be immune from jeitinho.

2. Traffic

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro traffic is bad on a day when nothing special is happening. I’m not so sure about the other cities, but I’m guessing that all the attention and funding has been put into the stadiums and not infrastructure. I read a lot of articles and I have yet to read one in which someone has a plan for controlling transportation issue when all these foreigners roll in. Have you?

3. Crime

If you were a professional criminal, where would you hang out during the World Cup? Yes, I know they will be employing $7.2 million worth of robots for security, but… (see #1 jeitinho).

4. Inflation

If you think things are expensive in Brazil’s major cities now, just wait until you are part of a captured audience. Can’t imagine what parking or a Guarana might cost around the stadiums.

5. The Brazilian Fan

My Brazilian husband is quite an adventurous type and usually drags me along even when it gets a bit dangerous. Even he has refused to take me to a game, other than at the city-run Pacaembu, for fear of my possible entanglement of the over enthusiastic Brazilian soccer fan. Of course, the Brazil team won’t be playing every game. But I’m guessing the fans will be in or around the stadiums and the neighborhood bars will be drained.

For another American Exbrat Expat perspective on how the World Cup might be, see Imagine the World Cup – São Paulo, by Brazil in My Eyes.

I’m excited as any Brazilian or expat to host the games. I just don’t want to be actually caught up in the nightmare fun. So you will find me at home watching it on television in the safety of my home or at a local bar within running distance.

Where will you be for the Cup?

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19 Responses to Top 5 Reasons Why I Plan to Not be Anywhere Near the World Cup

  1. Kristin says:

    Sitting on your couch next to you.

  2. As far away from the @!*^%$#* fireworks as possible.

  3. I want to blend in so I’ll be outside soccer stadiums performing with my barbershop quartet. I just hope female fans contain themselves as our purpose is not to incite jealousy.

  4. Katie says:

    Brazilian fans were disgusting when we were at the 2012 Olympics in London… totally turned me off to cheering for the selecao. Unfortunately.

  5. Katie says:

    And the disgusting behavior at the Olympics fyi wasn’t soccer, it was women’s volleyball: USA vs Brazil.
    A lot of neutral supporters got up and left the match (THE GOLD MEDAL MATCH!!!!) because of the Brazilian crowd constantly booing the USA team on every serve. It was disgusting and 100% against the Olympic spirit.
    If you could only imagine how upset I got… yeah, that night in London didn’t end well for me and the marido. 😐

  6. Katie says:

    Since each country always has an allotted amount of tickets for each event for it’s citizens … we got tickets through the official USA site, the official British site (via London resident sister in law) and most through the official Brazilian agency selling them.
    It was a lot of nights online working them all out! I think we bought tickets for 9 events and sold 1 event there since neither the USA nor Brazil ended up advancing for that event.

  7. We’re planning on hiding out somewhere. Ideally, we’ll be in another country (not sure yet if that will be possible!). Otherwise, we’re talking about getting outside of the city- maybe going to a fazenda or something? I’m pretty sure a loaf of bread is going to be like R$30 and there’s no way we can afford that… it’ll probably be cheaper to book tickets for our family to Europe!

  8. Well hopefully the locals will be welcoming in Natal and Manus. We’ve saved and spent a crapton for an exciting trip to such a footballing mecca only to read post after post like this saying don’t bother. We understand what it’s like traveling in countries with less-than-efficient infrastructure and have prepared but hopefully Brazil can keep it together for the month… I don’t want to wait another twelve years through Russia and Qatar for a chance at something worthwhile.

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