American Exbrat in São Paulo

Definition of EXBRAT: 

1. A foreigner living in a “developing” country, spoiled by the conveniences of previous homes

2. An expatriate who refuses to understand the language or culture, but instead spends his/her time watching television programming from his/her homeland on the internet

3. An adult version of a military brat who has chosen to continue a nomadic lifestyle





Yes, I finally published that book I’ve been working on. If you know anyone who is moving to São Paulo, new to the city, or just paulistano-curious, please pass on the info:

American Expat in São Paulo on Amazon.

About bornagainbrazilian

Having relocated from New York City to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I'm an expat attempting to broaden my horizons and adjust some of my American ways to be "born again" a Brazilian.
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17 Responses to American Exbrat in São Paulo

  1. Lol, I meet many of these in my travels. I try to be a nice guest in my new Host country.

  2. Peg says:

    Good timing! Can’t wait to read it.😀

  3. Jenner says:

    Next thing in my to-do-list: buy BAB’s book!🙂

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