Strange São Paulo

What I often love about São Paulo are the oddities that surround me…

A mime crossing guard.




Was someone trying to get in the door, or out?




It’s a mouse.



All of these plaques and flowers are a thank you to the person buried inside for helping them achieve a number of things in their life since the person’s death.


Who is in there? It’s not Jesus. It’s not Gandhi. It’s not Mother Theresa. It’s a woman named Maria Judith de Barros who, according to my internet research, was a woman who endured beatings from her alcoholic husband and died of a degenerative disease. For some reason, people think she can make miracles from the grave.



If anyone out there knows more about it – please share. I’m very curious.

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12 Responses to Strange São Paulo

  1. I love the quirkiness of cities.

    When I live din Austin in the 90s they had a slogan that said ~keep austin weird~. Now I understand several cities have this slogan. It was funn, but not it seems a little pretentious to me. lol

  2. Karina says:

    I couldn’t find more information about Maria Judith. When I went there, one of the old men who works there told us about her history, even on internet. Looks like she’s almost like an urban legend :). I was surprised by the ‘graces’ received by people, a lot of them related to ‘vestibular’ approval. One thing that I learned is that this is not her original grave. A popular singer called Beto Barbosa rebuilt her grave after he was blessed.

    When I was there last September I took pictures – not only from the graves, but also from flowers, birds and bees that I saw there 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Yea we had the mime crossing guards in our neighborhood for a couple of weeks a couple months ago. They are really neat and very nice.I felt back because its sweltering heat and they were out on the corners for hours. Poor things…

    • I’ve seen them on Avenida Paulista too – only at the time I didn’t know they were crossing guards. All very nice, i agree!

      • Carol says:

        Hello, Megan! I’m Carolina (from Brenda’s house). Loved your blog. And the guards are a CET initiative to call attention to the zebras and help us, brazilians, to change our habits – the ones you must know very well! 🙂 Will come back! Cheers!

  4. Good story about the shrine, it’s got me curious. The ‘doorway’if it can be called that is so Brazilian, and that’s a good thing. I love the quirkiness and diversity of Brazil, good blog.thx

  5. Rachel says:

    I really have to get over to SP and explore it more! I love weird stuff like this. I’m sure Rio has them too. I’m going to keep my eyes open for them. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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