Arte Urbana at the MuBE


Our friends recently mentioned that their visiting mother/in-law commented on the amount of “vandalism” in São Paulo. My own mother also mentioned this aspect of the city in a rather distasteful manner. Little do they know that this crime it actually one of São Paulo’s most renown art forms.


The MuBE is currently hosting their 2nd annual Internacional Graffiti Fine Art, an exposition of urban art and artists. I’ve often been stopped in traffic where Rua da Consolação turns into Avenida Rebouças, beneath the tip of Avenida Paulista, and admired some of the intricate and vivid paintings that are on display. Only these large-scale artistic expressions haven’t been commissioned and are not for sale. Much like the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, the art provides a view into the mindset of certain populations of the São Paulo city and takes the temperature of Brazil’s youth.

DSC01518 DSC01516 DSC01514 DSC01509

Thanks to the MuBE, you can view many similar works without having to visit an underpass.

For more sights in São Paulo, check out American Exbrat in São Paulo: Advice, Stories Tips and Tricks for Surviving South America’s Largest City.

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4 Responses to Arte Urbana at the MuBE

  1. Well, there’s graffitti and there’s pichação. São Paulo has a lot of pichações, most of it gang tagging territory. It’s ugly and it does lend the city a very bad first impression.

  2. Well, there’s graffitti and there’s pichação. There are lots of pichações in São Paulo, most of it gang tagging territory. It’s ugly and does lend a very bad first impression to the city.

  3. Julia says:


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