Screen Dream


Last night we went to see “Silver Lining Playbook” at the new Shopping JK Iguatemi’s VIP Cinema. I still don’t understand why this concept isn’t catching on with movie houses in the U.S., because it is fabulous. JK has even taken it up a couple notches from Bradesco’s VIP Cinema at the Shopping Cidade Jardim (see Segregation Cinema).


Instead of ordering your food and beverages before you go into the theater, the servers come to you and take your order at your luxury airliner type leather loveseats. Seats that have a button allowing you to adjust the incline of your chair to the exact position that makes you most comfortable. Honestly, you feel like you are watching a film in someone’s (really large) living room. You barely notice that there are other people in the same room with you. This theater also has a better menu (in my opinion) than the one in Cidade Jardim.

So there I was, a glass of wine at my side, in perfect viewing comfort, excited to be seeing a movie with excellent reviews when zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Damn it! I spent the second half of the movie curled up on my way too comfortable lounge chair – asleep.

I’ve mentioned before that there is danger in a certain segment of the Brazilian population being a bit too comfortable. I guess I fell into the trap.

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16 Responses to Screen Dream

  1. We have these in the US, just not as many I suspect. Annapolis, MD and Oakland, CA immediately come to mind.

    But seriously, folks are staying home and watching movies in the USA!

  2. We’ve got one here in Tampa where they come to take your order and serve high-end food. The only missing part is a reclining seat. I was very happy to find it after my experience in SP 🙂

  3. anna says:

    i have been to one like this in the US too but they were not as clean and fancy as the one in SP.

  4. Ray says:


    This really looks like First Class on an International flight. I agree with you, I don’t think there is anything to this level of luxury in the US. There are several Movie Theaters that serve you food, but nothing like this, not the same level of comfort or service by a long shot. I would totally see this type of business doing well in Boston, New York and other American cities, let’s hope it catches on here too… 🙂



  5. anna says:

    how much does the ticket cost? and the food and drink?
    I am guessing is a lot. ( like everything in sp)

  6. Ray says:

    I agree B.A.B, it’s an opportunity to sell “other” services using “the screen” as bait!! Not a bad idea at all!! And at R$57,00 per person, not bad at all, considering this is about U$25,00 and movie tickets around here are U$20,00 per person!! Plus, I am sure they make more money on the food and drinks!! 😉


  7. I will only go after they install chairs possessing massage mode.

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