Chinese Food!


Hey New Yorkers in São Paulo! Missing those trips to Chinatown for a little oily indulgence in the form of noodles, sweet & sour meat or won tons? Well, we have found the place for you.


Yesterday afternoon we lunched at one of the Chinese restaurants in the Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade. Sitting in Chi-fu with a plate of Chinese food in front of me, surrounded by people of the same flavor, all of us at extra large family-style tables, I felt like I could actually be on Pell or Mott Street.


Like any good Chinese restaurant, the menu offers no less than a hundred different items, so chances are you’ll find what you are craving. But like the best in the New York neighborhood, it is cash only.

If you want to go, here is the info:


Address: Praça Carlos Gomes, 200 – Sé – São Paulo – SP

Telefone: (11) 3101 8888, (11) 3112 1698

For more on restaurants in São Paulo, check out American Exbrat in São Paulo: Advice, Stories Tips and Tricks for Surviving South America’s Largest City.

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7 Responses to Chinese Food!

  1. Meredith says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that looks so good! I’ve been craving Thai and Chinese food lately.

  2. anna says:

    The chandelier looks too much for that place hahaha
    is it cheap like most chinese restaurants around the world?

    • Not as cheap as it should be! Yes, the chandelier goes with the gold wallpaper of Chinese scenes. Perfect.

      • anna says:

        the table cloth looks very cheap but everything else seems ok.

        you could do a post with your top ten favourite restaurants , stores etc in SP…

        do you think you are totally adapted to your new life in br or not yet?

  3. Jealous! Another reason to go visit SP!

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