Hands Thai’d

So after nearly two and a half years, we finally found some delicious Thai food delivery in Sao Paulo. I mean really delicious. Better than any of the Thai places we’ve been to in this city, and we’ve tried out quite a few.

But in most economies, the intersection of supply and demand dictate price. Unfortunately, that is the case here in the Thai food category, so our yummy delivery dinners are stupid expensive.

For those Thai-loving foreigners residing in Sao Paulo, especially the city-dwellers, remember those delicious and cheap Thai places on nearly every corner? The ones that would even make sure that there were boxes of noodley goodness waiting for you when you got home from work? Yeah, I miss those too.

Last night we paid R$103 for a plate of Pad Thai, plus a side of peanut sauce, and a plate of Keng Massaman, without rice (we made our own as they charge about R$15 extra for rice). Sure, that probably included a 10% service charge and I gave the delivery guy R$5. So all in it was R$108. The equivalent US$52.

Just so happens, our NYC take out menus surfaced when we moved neighborhoods, so I can make a price comparison. Ordering from one of our NYC favorites would have cost US$7.95 for the Pad Thai and a Masaman Curry was US$10.95. They probably would have charged me US$1 for the peanut sauce side and we would have given the delivery guy 20%. That’s less than US$24 all in. And the curry would have come with rice.

So if you want good food from the land of Thai, your hands will be Thai’d when it comes to cost. 🙂

I know… another post bitching about how expensive it is in SP. But if you are someone who is considering a move, and a Thai food lover, make sure you figure this into your cost-of-living (well) calculations.

If you don’t care and just want some damn good Thai food, here is the info to order:

Telethai via Restaurante Namga, www.telethai.com.br, (11) 3676-1774, (11) 7710-8424

For more about restaurants in São Paulo, check out American Exbrat in São Paulo: Advice, Stories Tips and Tricks for Surviving South America’s Largest City.

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10 Responses to Hands Thai’d

  1. Kristin says:

    Love Namga!!

  2. Thanks for the post guys, we realy appreciate it!
    We also miss those low budget thai places around the world, but in São Paulo, as you said, It´s outrageous.
    We have 2 choices, 1. Charge these prices and 2. close the restaurant, sorry but there are no other ways to do it in São Paulo. Brazilian taxes are an absurd and salaries are not the same as they were and more taxes on employess payments.
    Thanks again for writing about us and we are glad you like´d the food, I´m sure the food was enough for 3 people.
    If there is anything we could do to make it better, please do not hesitate in contact us direct
    Kind Regards
    Namga´s Team.

    • Totally get it. Cost of doing business in Sao Paulo is insane. We will adjust our budget to accommodate awesome Thai food, maybe cut out electricity or something ;). Thanks for your comment! And thanks for the delicious food. Don’t stop making it!

  3. Alex says:

    Good thing, cause Thai is a favorite. Is it only take out?

  4. Ray says:

    Wow! I am really impressed you could find Thai food at all, I have never eaten or seen Thai food in Sao Paulo and I assure you 99% of Paulistanos have no idea of what Thai food even means!
    Having said that, I bet the high prices are because the only folks looking and willing to pay for Thai food in Sao Paulo are expats or a handful of Paulistanos who have lived abroad… 😉
    Good to know, I will definitely have to try it on my next time in Sao Paulo.


    • Let’s go when you come back. You will be pleasantly surprised.
      Really? Thai food needs some PR in Sao Paulo because it is the best! Maybe because the Japanese have such a strong presence here, Thai food never got the edge.

  5. Tom Yam Kung (heaven in a bowl) for R$ 32,00.
    You see this is why I should have married a Thai girl.
    If you ever head down to Santa Catarina I suggest this place in lovely Praia do Rosa:

    Good pun btw, I see my Grittjokes are rubbing off.

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