Jabuticaba trees

This weekend we went to stay with friends at a working fazenda. Aside from a great time, I also experienced my first jabuticaba tree sighting.

The fruit of Brazil is usually rather weird for foreigners. I’ll admit, us Americans like our fruit pretty. But the fruit is, whether native or imported, often an unexpected combination of shockingly ugly and spectacularly delicious. (See Fruta de Conde and Pitaya.)

Except for the jabuticaba. My first real experience with this fruit was simply via song in Bebel Gilberto’s Jabuticaba.

The actual fruit is a round, lovely, dark purple berry that is perfect in its sweetness. Kind of like a grape but more attractive and more exotic tasting. Only obstacle is a big seed in the middle, but you can work around it. Nothing weird about that. Or so I thought…

…until I came across the tree on the fazenda this weekend.

Yikes. It’s like something out of a Dr. Suess book or a Tim Burton film. Fruit’s not supposed to grow like that, is it?

Upon first glance, it would appear to be more of a parasite than produce. But like so many other things I’ve stumbled across in this country, upon further investigation, the jabuticaba has proven to be both bizarre and delicious.

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10 Responses to Jabuticaba trees

  1. Alex says:

    I think they are beautiful trees- extremely UNIQUE!

  2. Humm , “both bizarre and delicious”, many a Top Model have described me this way, anyway I digress.
    I really don’t find the flavor of this fruit to be so great, and it seems I am in the minority since most people seem to love them. I also think the tree looks like those pic we had to look at in sex ed class back in High School. Plus, once picking these critters I got a bout of this on my feet (foot bug) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chigoe_flea
    It is commonly known as Bicho de Pé in Brazil. Gross. So yeah, I am no friend of the Jabuticaba – or the VD Tree as i like to call it.

  3. Ray says:

    Oh, this fruit is my favorite at the moment, after Mixiricas, of course! They are in season right now!!! Love it! Great pictures by the way!! Yes, I am with you, even us Brazilians think this tree is on the weird side… 😉


  4. I had to laugh reading it – I knew exactly where it was going. I had the same reaction the first time I saw it too.
    It’s wonderful you’re doing this. Restores my faith in people after Jamie Oliver interviewed that girl that thought oranges from the tree would make her sick and she’d only eat from the supermarket.

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