How Serious is Sao Paulo about Santa?

Pretty darn, I might say.

Yesterday, my daughter and I wandered into the Higienopolis mall – a.k.a. Shopping Patio  Higienopolis. Past the Holiday Houses lining the entrance, we could see a tree in the distance looming in the center of the mall.

I’ve already become accustomed to the incredible holiday decorations that Sao Paulo has to offer – especially on Avenida Paulista and in the shopping malls. However, Higienopolis must be in some kind of competition with the others, because even after two holiday seasons in Sao Paulo, I was blown away by their production.

After admiring the sky-high tree, we made our way down two levels to discover an extensive Christmas display, including life-sized reindeer and snow owls, and complete with train ride.

This wasn’t some kiddie train. This was an all-age Christmas train that takes you through the South Pole, complete with moving, mechanical polar bears and a blast of freezing air – twice.

Plus, the display included a Santa’s Workshop with moving, mechanical sled dogs.

I mean… what kid couldn’t get excited over Christmas after a round on this train. And this isn’t even the place where you get to sit on Santa’s lap. After all the excitement, that will have to be for another day. Hooray for Higienopolis and the holidays.

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8 Responses to How Serious is Sao Paulo about Santa?

  1. Ray says:

    Wow, Christmas decorations are looking really good at Pateo Higienopolis.
    You should definitely go check out Shopping Iguatemi’s Christmas decorations, they are notorious in the city for having an awesome holiday set up, definitely worth checking it out.
    The Malls in Sao Paulo have gotten really competitive with Christmas decorations as it became a great way to attract many families with children this time of the year.
    Please let me know what you think of Iguatemi if you make it out there this holiday season… 😉


    • I went the past couple years to Iguatemi and they have a really amazing display. But I love the fact that at Higienopolis you can ride a train around this one – that was really exciting for my daughter. After we rode the train, we were shopping in the mall and I saw that one of the shops actually sold those mechanical sleigh dogs – HA! Malls…

  2. Erin Halm says:

    Yes. The train is always a big hit. Last year they had it outside at the side entrance and Liam rode it like six times.

  3. harmamae says:

    I always wondered how they celebrated Christmas in Brazil, having never been there at the time. Nice pics!

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