Brazilian Challenge Day 233: Jesus

Sao Paulo has a brand new mall!! Yes Paulistanos, someone did a research study and determined that the demand for retail shopping in SP could absorb yet another luxury shopping center! Oh wait, it is Brazil, so perhaps that study was never done… In fact, the expansive new Shopping JK Iguatemi, named after Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, famous for constructing Brasilia, or at least named after the street he was named after, was quite empty last night…

Regardless, Shopping JK includes a store that sells a new Guaraná for me to try. A Guaraná that cost R$5.60 a can (see how I sacrifice for my readers?!) Guaraná Jesus.

This soft drink’s slogan is “O sabor de viver o Maranhão” according to the can, which translates to “The taste of living in Maranhão,” Maranhão being a northeastern state of Brazil. Living in Maranhão must be very pink and very sweet and kind of tutti-frutti.


The name of the drink comes from the gentleman chemist who created it, Jesus Norberto Gomes. The drink is produced in São Luís, capital of Maranhão, but that is where the authentic nature of the soda pop ends, because it is now produced by Coca Cola.

Jesus doesn’t taste like Guaraná to me. But it is worth a try if you can manage to save up your money.

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One Response to Brazilian Challenge Day 233: Jesus

  1. scrubgrub says:

    Ahh you finally got to try it. My nanny decided that it’s finally in Sao Paulo (she loves the odd flavor) because she finally left (as it’s actually from up North where she hails).

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