Brazilian Challenge Day 232: Dog Walking

So our little puppy has now had enough vaccinations to be able to go outside for a walk. Problem is, our neighborhood sidewalks are dirty and my apartment is clean. Oh yes, and she has all this fur around her paws, perfect for collecting muck from the ground.

Lucky for me, Sao Paulo has a pet product store on nearly every corner. I’m embarrassed to admit that I paid more for the above puppy sneakers than I have for a pair of my own shoes since I stopped working. But the only alternative would have been to wrap her little feet in plastic wrap every time we went for a walk (trust me, I considered it), and I do have some pride,  or give her multiple baths a day. Instead, she is the proud owner of little blue puppy running shoes. Sigh. Truth be told, I have yet to see another dog owner with a dog wearing shoes.

I won’t humiliate her by posting a picture of her with the shoes on, because she does look quite silly. She doesn’t even like to walk outside, so my daughter carries her around the block a couple times.

Big sigh.

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10 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 232: Dog Walking

  1. Kristin says:

    Ummmm…I don’t know what to say here. Seek therapy? No, I’m just kidding. Whatever works for you and your puppy. I got Caju non-slip shoes when he was recovering from ACL surgery number 2. Wooden floors, you see. He ate them.

    • Therapy has crossed my mind. I really thought there would be more dogs out there with shoes. You know, like when you have a baby you start to notice all the strollers on the sidewalks? But no. Emily also tried to snack on the shoes.

  2. Alice Sopik Steyn says:

    No worries, I have seen the booties on other dogs and yes the pavements are something else!! Hope to meet Emily soon on our walks! Mika my old lady (only 5 years but …..) only wants to walk around the block in the mornings – the hot weather puts her off! :))

  3. So cute. Lots of people in the US use them for hiking as dogs’ feet aren’t suited for some surfaces. I wish we had pet supply stores here…..I make my own toys- it’s absurd!

    Pleeeeeeeeeease post a photo!

  4. Trish says:

    I’m a puppy person, so I say go for it! She will come back with mud all over her paws and giving her a bath every time you go out is higher up on my “insane stuff” list than having her wear sneakers. That said, please let me know if the sneakers worked. I’ve tried 3 different models on Bianca and they all seem to flip over as she walks, which drives us ‘both insane (yes, there’s a whole dog-related insane stuff list at my house). Maybe I’m just not competent enough to put her shoes on right.

  5. Shelley says:

    This may be the crowning moment in your progress in becoming Brazilian. I am impressed.

  6. Ray says:

    I love it, I love your dog shoes, and I hope we can train our dog with them when we move to Sao Paulo. My brother and his wife take their dog walking around the streets of Sao Paulo twice a day and wash her paws in the laundry “TANQUE” twice a day, every time they walk in the door, they are super clean too, but I won’t be washing my dog’s four paws twice a day, we will have to find a dog shoe solution too… 🙂



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