Brazilian Challenge Day 229: Malling

On Friday, Day 229, I spent a good amount of time at the mall in Higienópolis. I had time to kill during my daughter’s Friday afternoon activities so I thought I would see what was up in, hopefully, what will soon be my neighborhood shopping center. This time with no pressure to by anything. (See O Presente.)

Now, I’m not a big maller. Unless it is for something I must try on, I prefer to shop online. But as mentioned, this mall, Shopping Patio Higienópolis, has quite the extensive array of shops, which makes it kind of interesting to walk around.

However, I couldn’t help but be drawn to overpriced items, cementing the idea that Sao Paulo leads the world in expensive cities.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2, South American Doll

Sao Paulo Shopping: R$59,99 (U.S. $30)

Amazon & Walmart: $11.88

Disney Tangled Color Wonder Packet (18-page coloring pad, 4 markers)

Sao Paulo Shopping: R$49,90 (U.S. $25)

The Tangled Color Wonder Gift Set, which includes the 18-page coloring book, a 24-page drawing pad, 6 markers and paint set is only $15.99. Color Wonder sets equivalent to the above except with 5 markers, such as Disney Princess, are $10.99 online at the Crayola Store. I’ve found it for about $5.00 in stores.

Neutrogena Deep Clean

Sao Paulo Shopping: R$21.50 (U.S. $10.66)

Walmart: U.S. $5.27, $10.54 for packet of 2

Good Grips Sink Strainer & Stopper

Sao Paulo Shopping: R$90 (U.S. $45)

Bed, Bath & Beyond: $9.99!

This is why my suitcase is filled with supplies when I arrive into Sao Paulo!

What overpriced items have you come across in Brazil? Or another country?

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 229: Malling

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    It’s a shame that you let the price stickers affect your leisure time in one of the nicest shopping centers in the city. You don’t have to buy any of those items, OK? 🙂 Go for a stroll, have a coffee (overpriced, I know, but so is Starbucks pretty much anywhere in the world) and grab something to leaf through in the bookstore. Just feel grateful that enough people give them business to keep the whole thing going. At most, you have to pay for parking but not for long, right? (I read your other post)

    Maybe I’m easily amused but I really enjoyed spending an afternoon there a couple of months ago. My little daughter was able to run around as much as she wanted, she got excited with all the dogs and an elderly lady decided to give her a “churros com doce de leite”. Who said she would eat any real food for dinner after that? 🙂

    By the way, comparing prices in an upmarket “bricks and mortar” mall to Amazon is unfair anyway you look at it. As for Walmart, I’m sorry but you’ll end up running into people that look like this:

    and that’s a whole other experience.

    • HA. I can’t help my American stinginess and self-righteousness, because, you know, we’ve done so well with consumerism in the past few years. You are right, I should be happy that someone is buying enough overpriced items to keep the place in business so I can lounge around. And this was all after having an overpriced coffee (at Starbucks no less, for shame!)

      • Those outside the US (and Americans alike) must LOVE this “people of Walmart” thing. What a concept.

        • Andrew Francis says:

          To be fair, I like Walmart. Where else can you buy a semi-respectable business shirt at 1am when your luggage decides to take a different flight and not join you at your destination? 🙂 I don’t go there to make fun of the customers but I have seen some funny characters (nothing as bad as the website though).

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