Brazilian Challenge Day 223: The Mortadela Sandwich at Mercado

Sure, I had tried Mortadela (the “light” version, from a package). Sure, I had a sandwich at the Mercado. Yes, buddy and fellow blogger Ray had specifically recommended the MORTADELA sandwich at the MERCADO. Sure, I scribbled it down on my list of “to do’s.”

What I didn’t realize is that my life in Sao Paulo had been missing that one fabulous taste sensation that only comes from eating a traditional, hot, Mortadela sandwich with cheese. Holy heck!

Today, day 223, we shopped at the Mercado Municipal for the ingredients to make some Mexican food for tomorrow, day 224 (look for the challenge of making Mexican food in Brazil via next post). My husband suggested that we partake in this Sao Paulo culinary tradition and I agreed. Unlike last time, we didn’t brave the second floor restaurant crowds, but instead got lucky enough to grab a table in the belly of the beast.

I’m not even really a big meat lover (Brazilian blashmephy!), but there is something about those pink, processed slices that changes the game. What can I say? A warm Mortadela and cheese sandwich with a Brazilian beer makes a Saturday delicious. What’s funny, is that Ray also mentioned that we would hear the sound of American patrons as we sat and munched – and we did! I had never noticed another English speaking person in the place during prior visits. Must be the Mortadela…

Regardless, here is the aftermath of the Mortadela sandwich experience. Don’t judge. (Ugh. It makes me a little nauseous to look at, but then I remember how delicious it was…)

But the madness doesn’t end there. We ended our high-cal meal with another reader suggestion – a brigadeiro pastel.

Ok, I don’t even really like brigadeiro either, but in the pastel form, I must say it is devilishly delicious. Thanks Anna for the recommendation!

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10 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 223: The Mortadela Sandwich at Mercado

  1. Ray says:

    Wow!!! OMG!!! You are making me so miss Sao Paulo right now!!! 🙂
    I am glad you enjoyed the Mercadao, I also enjoy buying “Jamon de Pata Negra”, it’s like a Spanish Prociutto, they have awesome brands at the Mercadao.
    Next time, go to one of the main bakeries in the ground floor and try the “BOLO DE ROLO”, it is a tradition from the Northeast of Brazil, absolutely amazing. They make a very, very thin cake and roll it with a delicious home made type jam, and roll it in several layers, it’s out of this world.
    Did I tell you the Japanese immigrants were given a “Mortadela Sandwich” when they arrived from Japan, while having their papers processed at the immigration office. They hated Mortadella, they thought it was HORSE meat, so they threw it away and only ate the bread, needless to say, the Italian immigrants near them, were horrified with such waste, meat was an absurd luxury in Italy back in those hard days, and Italians LOVE Mortadella 🙂
    How cool that you liked it!! 🙂
    This is as traditional Sao Paulo as you can get…



    • Yes! That Japanese story was hilarious. My husband told me that the Japanese are responsible for the origin of the pastel because they would sell stuff fried up in essentially eggroll wrappers. So funny you mentioned the Bolo de Rolo because we were talking about just that while eating our sandwiches. There was a pile of it near where we were sitting and when we drove from Tiradentes to Ouro Preto we stopped in what claimed to be the birth place of the bolo de rolo!

  2. Ray says:

    Wow, so Bolo de Rolo is from Minas Gerais? Thanks for sharing, I had no idea.
    I always thought it was from the Northeast, we have some friends from Recife that always ask me to bring them some Bolo de Rolo from Brazil and they talk about it all the time, but I never looked it up. I always knew it wasn’t from Sao Paulo.
    Good to know. It is out of this world good… 🙂
    Yes, Pastel is totally a Japanese invention in Sao Paulo, did you know the bubbles you see on the crust are created by the addition to “Cachaca” to the dough, it makes it very light, so Pastel is truly a fusion of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine 🙂


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