Another Week of Brazilian in Chicago

Aye, aye, aye. All the distractions in Chicago. Instead of releasing a flock of posts I’ve decided to just recap my week of being Brazilian in Chicago:

Day 197: Mani Pedi Maintenance


On Day 197 of my challenge to be more Brazilian, Chicago edition, I was able to maintain my Brazilian standards of weekly required mani and pedi. But the experience is much different in Chicago. First, like a lot of U.S. nail salons, you get to sit in a pedicure massage chair with a foot sink full of nice warm water.

The massage options don’t stop there. A mani and pedi more often than not also includes a foot/leg and hand massage. This place, Pinky’s Nail Studio on Madison, provided a little back rub as well. All for $40. The other important difference is that manicurists in the U.S. don’t slop nail polish all over your digits and then clean up the excess, they carefully apply the polish only on your fingernails.

Day 198: The Kilo

On Day 198, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite Brazilian styles of food service, the kilo, at one of my favorite places – Whole Foods.

Whole Foods lunch kilo is one of the best spots to weigh in healthy food. Veggie pot sticks, spicy Thai noodles and tofu “egg” salad. Delish!

Day 199: Chicago Samba

The evening of day 199, I went to El Cid, a Mexican restaurant in Logan Square, to watch the trio Chicago Samba. While I didn’t eat much at the place, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the restaurant. And while it was fun to listen to live Brazilian music, I had hoped they would have played more classic Samba. As the outdoor patio began to fill, the trio went down the Brazilian rock road. Oh well.

Day 200: The Feira

Just when I was starting to miss my Thursday feira, I ran into a Thursday feira in the Daley Center.


While certainly a scaled back version of the feira around the corner from our Brazilian apartment, no meat or fish, it was fun to buy fresh vegetables.

Day 201:

Day 202: Pizza Like a Paulista 


At the fabulous Pequod’s in Lincoln Park, I ate my Chicago style pizza the way they do in Sao Paulo, with a drizzle of olive oil. It was actually quite good as the thick crust of this famous pizza soaked up the oil. Yum.

I did intend to try another piece in a Rio way, but alas, the restaurant had neither ketchup nor mayonnaise.

Day 202: Mulheres Ricas

Ok, ok. I admit it. I miss hearing those raspy Brazilian voices calling “meu amor!” Despite my criticism of the show, I felt compelled to catch the season finale. I also need to run some Portuguese through my brain for fear that being away all these weeks will wipe out my already thin knowledge.

Nothing new to report. They are still shopping, Val is still an ignorant transvestite, and Lydia still looks like she belongs on Mob Wives. Oh yes, and they all still think they can dance.

Day 203: The Sao Paulo Dog

On Day 203, I returned to Sabor Express to try the hot dog given the name of my city.

The Sao Paulo is topped with mayo, ketchup, mozzarella cheese (real), pineapple, cilantro and potato sticks. It was pretty good. I must say I liked it better than The Rio. Even better, I added an açaí smoothie to my order.

I’m aiming for next week to not involve so much food. It’s getting closer and closer to bikini time in Brazil!

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2 Responses to Another Week of Brazilian in Chicago

  1. Meredith says:

    I like to read your post this way. Good idea!

    And I LOVE mani/pedi in the US because of the massage chair and then the leg massage. I’m def. going for that next month.

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