In honor of my second Braziliversary, going to repost some of my original perspectives on living in Brazil. Part 2.

born again brazilian

What you get for the money.

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I’ve been asked if living in Sao Paulo is cheaper than the US.  This is a difficult question because some things are cheaper, but many are more expensive. I really only have New York City as a recent reference, having lived there the past six years. But based on what we are expected to spend money on, unfortunately, our balance sheet is not going to change. However, in most cases, you get a lot more for your money.

For example, for what we were spending on our most recent NYC apartment, with no doorman, we are going to get 2 to 3 times the space. (I haven’t gotten around to doing the square-feet-to-square-meters conversion yet.) Here, the apartment buildings are surrounded by  fortresses, and there is a 24-hour guard at the gate. Not only is no…

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  1. Andrew Francis says:

    All fair comments although I ‘m not sure about the restaurants. Based on my (limited) experience with NYC restaurants, it seems to me that both cities have a wide variety of choices but, at the same time, each one has specific options not available in the other city. Obviously, NYC has a lot more fame but even at the very high end, Sao Paulo now has a restaurant (D.O.M) ranked higher than any one in New York. Do you think it might come down to personal preferences?

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