In honor of my second Braziliversary, going to repost some of my original perspectives on living in Brazil. Part 1.

born again brazilian

Through the looking glass.

(for more Born Again Brazilian, go to

I’m in Sao Paulo for just a couple weeks to start the process of organizing our new life. On the plane ride over, I began to succumb to a total and utter panic.

Without my daughter to distract me, or my husband to comfort me, trapped in a tiny seat on a plane, surrounded by chatter in Portuguese, I slowly began to realize the brevity of my situation.

Instead of hyper-ventilating or passing out, thus drawing unwanted attention to myself, I decided I would try and absorb my surroundings, be more observant this trip. Learn something. The following are some of my initial observations, not facts mind you, just ten observations (mostly ruthless generalizations)  from week one:

(But first, why are the Brazilian OK with breast augmentation surgeries, but not OK with the padding in my swimsuit?)


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