Brazilian Challenge Day 196: VIP Theater (Magic Mike)

On day 196 of my Brazilian challenge, I was able to indulge in one of my favorite Sao Paulo pastimes – going to see a film at the VIP Theater. Who knew this concept had arrived in the States!

There were some differences between my experience at the Kerasotes ICON VIP theater in Chicago and my experiences at the Bradesco Prime Cinemark VIP theater in Sao Paulo. First, the lounge outside the theater in Chicago is much fancier.

It’s a real lounge, where the Bradesco theater only has what resembles a regular old concession counter, only you can order champagne and truffle popcorn.

However, the seats inside the theater, while quite cozy, were not as luxurious as the ones in Sao Paulo.

And there is no seat service like at the Bradesco theater. However, you can bring your cocktails in (and that we did).

Regardless, it made for the perfect ladies night location to see the perfect ladies night flick – Magic Mike.

Here is what I expected from the film:

  • A bunch of hot guys dancing around

Here is what I didn’t expect from the film, but it actually had:

  • A storyline
  • A lot of decent comedy and some real drama

I thought the movie was actually really good. Again, my expectations going in were pretty narrow, but that might have been a brilliant marketing strategy for these producers. And the hot guys dancing around certainly didn’t hurt.

All in good fun!

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