Day 192: Birthday Party Planning

No, my daughter is not going to have another birthday party extravaganza this year.

But yes, I’ve started planning four months in advance. There is definitely now some Brazilian stuck in me when it comes to birthdays.

It’s not my fault that Party City sends me all these emails, luring me into their site with promotions and sales to shop for party favors and decorations. It’s not.

In Sao Paulo, birthday party necessities are of crap quality and more expensive than they should be. So I’m taking advantage of my U.S. trip to stock up. This year, my daughter will be sharing the stage with her little friend for a Snow White / Cinderella combo theme.

Do you realize how much cute stuff you can get here in the States?? Do you? And Snow White is a tough one because there have not been any recent releases of her Disney movie, so I actually had to move out of my Party City comfort zone and shop at an unknown – Birthday Direct. I hope it all work out… (I never thought I would get this excited about shopping for paper products and pencil sharpeners.)

So for another trip home, my suitcase will be stuffed with plates, napkins, party favors etc. Just not as many as last time.

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6 Responses to Day 192: Birthday Party Planning

  1. Stephanie says:

    You are smart! Isn’t it funny what we stuff our suitcases with now that we live in Brasil and have kids? Don’t forget to hit the Target or ToysRus $1 aisles for cheap gifts for all of the Brasilian kids parties you will be invited to in the coming months. And crayola crayons! Honestly, I think I save about R$1000 in gifts each year by doing this.

  2. nina says:

    yeah, I can see this. my god, I just went to a party that spent 7,000 reais on the whole thing. Honestly, they didhave a lot of stuff really nice but some things were low quality due to the high prices here. I kinda expected more for the price tag. Which now has me questioning how much some other parties costed that I went to. I really don’t think I am prepared to pay 10,000 reais. Well, I think things can be down really tasteful yourself. IN fact the things I thought were cute and best tasting deserts the mom did herself. But I have to say the decorations are really low quality in our area and so it’s like a norm. I think the parties that go without the rented stuff and make their own are much better. But I am definitely, going to buy stuff for luca’s party in the US too.

    • I’m not prepared to pay 10,000 reis either! That’s why I always bring stuff from the U.S. Are you making a trip back before the 1st birthday party? I’ll recommend some places for you.

  3. anna says:

    party extravaganza is good!! its only once a year 🙂

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