Brazilian Challenge Day 190: Navy Pier

Day 190 of my Brazilian Challenge, Chicago edition, I took my daughter to a tourist attraction in my own home town – Navy Pier.

For those of you who might have missed out on this city in the last 10 years, Navy Pier is a constant carnival. Located at the east tip of Grand Avenue, the pier stretches out onto Lake Michigan which also allow a fabulous view of the city and shoreline. With rides, boat trips and tons of restaurants and shopping, it is now the center of Chicago entertainment.

They even have fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

However, my new favorite attraction on the pier is the Children’s Museum.

Three levels of great kids fun with events and rotating exhibits, this is the best place to explore indoors if you have little ones.

Tickets are US$12, but they have a calendar of free periods as well.

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2 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 190: Navy Pier

  1. Erin Halm says:

    There is a great children´s museum in Naperville too. Have you been to that one? It´s less crowded and more organized than the one at Navy Pier.

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