Brazilian Challenge Day 187: Prohibited Picnic

Ok. Once again I am waaaaaay behind. I blame it on all the great U.S. distractions, like Bravo TV and Trader Joe’s.

On Day 187 of my challenge to maintain my run of Brazilianess, Chicago edition, I let my Brazilian husband pick the challenge. Of course, he chose to break the law.

There are a number of laws in Brazil. Those that seem in any way inconvenient or just plain silly are mostly ignored by Brazilians. In the U.S., it is a well known fact that drinking alcoholic beverages in a public park is a “no-no.” So my husband planned an evening picnic in the park close to my sister’s place, with some delicious cheeses and crackers from Whole Foods, and complete with a convenient pack of park beverages – Sofia Sparkling White Cans. Straws and all.

The amusing thing was that two police cars were parked on either side of this park the entire time we were picnicking. (This was actually only amusing to my husband. It made this good girl very nervous.) But apparently the Chicago police had something better to do than investigate what we were drinking out of our little pink cans. (Phew!)

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3 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 187: Prohibited Picnic

  1. Leisa says:

    “Brazilianess, Chicago edition …” I love it:)

  2. Reminds me of my rebellious suburban days, lol. Since there weren’t actually any problems then we just had to pretend there were, sneak a drink at the park when possible (hardly ever), and listen to songs like the one below (in the car, not the park).

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