Brazilian Challenge Day 184: Caipi- what?

One of the many things Brazil is famous for is the caipirinha. In it’s purest form, the drink consists of crushed lime wedges, cachaça – a liquor made from fermented sugarcane – and sugar.  In most places, you have the option to replace the lime with another fruit, such as kiwi or maracujá. You can also ask to replace the sugar with a sugar substitute.

However, if you go to a restaurant or bar, you might be baffled by a more extensive list of caipi-options. I know I was the first time I saw one.

So in honor of my friends’s birthday, my husband and I put together a caipi-bar on the roof top deck of her building, a both educational and enjoyable event for understanding your caipi options on a sweltering lovely Chicago evening.

Here is a quick guide for your reference:

Caipirinha – cachaça, fruit and sweetner (sugar or sugar substitute – you may want to request to put your own of either in, the drinks can arrive quite sweet)

Caipiroska or caipivodka – vodka, fruit and sweetner

Caipiríssima – rum, fruit and sweetner

Caipisaquê or saquerinha – sake, fruit and sweetner

All are quite good, but my favorite is the original. However, the concoction made with cachaça will knock you flat if you don’t watch out. Safest choice is the caipisaquê – FYI.

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 184: Caipi- what?

  1. Meredith says:

    MMMMMMMM, I want one now.

    Another idea, when you guys go out to eat sit on the same side of the table like all Brazilian lovers (vs on opposite sides of the table looking at each other :).

  2. Beware of the strawberry capirinha! Danger! Danger!

  3. harmamae says:

    These are good! My friend and I had the “caipiroska” at a restaraunt in Recife, and the waiter told us he was making it “weak.” It was NOT weak. I’d be interested to see how the strong version would turn out!

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