Brazilian Challenge Day 180: Caipirinhas by the Pool

I know, I’m waaaaaay behind in posting. I blame it on a period with no internet connection and a trip back to the Genius Bar at the Apple store for my laptop.

On day 180, I entered the Central Illinois edition of the Brazilian Challenge, specifically the city was Hoopeston, IL. You haven’t seen a small town until you’ve seen small town Hoopeston. Their school mascot is the “Cornjerker,” which originated from the early days of the football team’s training including jerking corn (which just means to jerk the corn out of the plant, if your mind had gone elsewhere…).

Hoopeston is the home town of my brother-in-law and his family home is a lovely, historic mansion that includes – hooray in the heat – a pool! We spent the weekend having fun with his awesome sisters (two of four), brother, sister-in-law and mom. Spectacular host/hostesses.

Close to 100 degree (F) heat and pool?

The only thing for a Brazilian to do at that point is make a nice big picture of lemon caipirinhas! Was a hit with the locals, for sure…

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