Brazilian Challenge Day 177: Farofeira

In Brazil, “farofeira” is the unsavory act of bringing your own food and drink to the beach. The upper class and aspiring upper class do not roll coolers and picnic baskets onto the sand. Instead, they slip bills out of the pockets of their Osklen or Blue Man beachwear and pay for food and drink from the beach vendors.

Last night, we went to the American Folklore Theater, and open air theater in Peninsula State Park (Fish Creek, WI), to see “Cheeseheads, The Musical.” In New York, we had grown accustomed to bringing a picnic to outdoor concerts and shows in Battery Park and Central Park. So last night we packed up some Wisconsin cheese, sausage and wine to snack on during the performance. Shortly after we pulled everything out and set it up to munch, I noticed that no one else had. No one. They had all purchased their drinks and snacks from the concession just outside. Day 177 of my Brazilian Challenge, Wisconsin edition, my husband and I pulled a farofeira during Fish Creek theater. To add a little local white trash to the mix, our meal included cheese spread and we drank the wine out of paper coffee cups.

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8 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 177: Farofeira

  1. Alex says:

    Yes, everyone thought that you were white trash- true.
    But, you can sleep in comfort tonight, because we all know you really are not!!! Far from it! =)

  2. Danielle says:

    Hahaha, this was a great one.

  3. Shelley says:

    We are going to farofeira to my son’s Festa Junina party. How ghetto is that…

  4. Julia says:

    Actually, farofeira or farofeiro is the person that brings their own food and drink.
    and what’s is the problem? you bought it, just in another place 🙂

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