Brazilian Challenge Day 176: Best Buy

Like any smart Brazilian visiting the U.S., on Day 176 we loaded up on electronics and accessories at Best Buy.


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4 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 176: Best Buy

  1. skarrlette says:

    Now that you have purchased all that what happens at the airport when entering Brazil? I was told you are allowed $500.00 untaxed per person, is that per adult and child or just adult?. Then anything over $500.00 you get taxed. Also what do you put it in to get on the plan?

    Just wondering how it all works when I do it someday :).

    Thanks for post!

  2. skarrlette says:

    HA no way why? Just wondering when I do it. I live in Mass now but will be moving to Cascavel and plan on travelling to the US every chance I can, I have heard from some other expats that you can but I just wanted to confirm because you are doing it in real time so to speak.

    • HA! Just checking!
      The only real items of concern for the border control in Brazil are electronics. If you are caught carrying a number of laptop computers or iPads in your possession, you’ll get in a bit of trouble. But otherwise, they don’t seem to really care about all the other stuff (and believe me, I have brought a lot of stuff!) If you buy a laptop, iPad, camera, etc, just keep it in your carry on as if you always had it. Take everything out of the original packaging!

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